White Fungus Reported As More Dangerous Than Black Fungus: Know Why

Author: Sahil Verma, 1st year B.Sc. Agriculture student at Himalayan College, Roorkee.

After the elevation in cases of black fungus infection in states of India, 4 cases of white fungus have been reported from Patna in Bihar. According to medical expertise white fungus infection is more terrible as compared to black fungus because it targets lungs including various parts of the body such as nail, skin, stomach, kidney, brain, private parts and mouth.

It is mentioned that white fungus infects the lungs which is similar to COVID-19 detected when HRCT was implemented on infected patients but chief of microbiology at PMCH Dr. SN Singh reported that patients of white fungus from Bihar represent the symptoms of coronavirus but none of them was COVID-19 positive. In fact, their lungs were found infected and after the test they were treated with antifungal medicines and recovered.

Who is at more risk?

People with weak immunity, diabetic patients, and those who consume steroids, in the long run, are the targets of white fungus. COVID-19 patients who are on support with oxygen are also at risk. The white fungus is directly targeting the lungs of these patients. According to doctors, it is a type of last warning to cancer patients. It also affects children and women. According to a medical practitioner, it is the main reason for Leucorrhoea.

Prevention for white fungus

At present the only way to prevent white fungus is by sanitising the oxygen supply and ventilators properly -said a doctor. Common people like those recovered from COVID can prevent it by maintaining personal hygiene, refraining from going out to gardening and construction sites and continuously sanitising the limbs.

Black fungus or Mucormycosis
As per the Centre for Diseases and Control Precautions, black fungus is also called mucormycosis and caused by a group of mould known as Mucormycetes. These fungi are specifically found in soil in decaying organic matter such as leaf compost piles or rotten wood.

Symptoms of black fungus

Mucormycosis includes symptoms like headache, facial pain, nasal congestion, loss of vision, pain in the eye, swelling in cheek and eyes, black crust in the nose, coughing, bloody vomit, altered mental status.

Treatment of Mucormycosis

Antifungal intravenous injection which costs rupees 3500 per dose has to be regulated continuously into the body for up to 8 weeks and this is only drug effective against the disease. The antifungal medicines- Liposomal Amphotericin B or LAmB have been approved by the  Drug Controller General of India for the treatment of patients of black fungus this year in March. The production for the same has been contracted with the Mumbai-based giant bio-pharma firm, Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited which also produced the COVID vaccine doses for India.


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