Internships at TAY are solely aimed towards improving one’s legal content writing and research skills, and publication of content that qualifies the set standard via a few criteria.

Two types of Internships TAY offers : Legal Writers and Legal Researchers.

About the Legal Writers Internship program:

The content types accepted, their word count and respective deadline periods are as follows:
1. Research Articles- 3000 to 3500 words (2 weeks)
2. Opinion-based Blogs- 1500 words (1 week)
3. Case Commentaries, Legal Fiction, Legal Essays, Legal Philosophical write-ups- 2000 words (1 week)
4. Legal News reports and Editorials- 500 words (3 days)

Interns are expected to come up with original content on allotted topics within fixed deadlines. Non-plagiarised content is always given top priority while publication. General formatting styles are to be used. Citations wherever necessary should be of the Harvard Bluebook 20th Edition or Oscola style.

About the Legal Researchers internship program:

1. Researching on cases of the Supreme Court and High Courts.

2. Writing case briefs.

3. Preparing well-researched drafts on contemporary legal problems.

4. Proofreading and paraphrasing legal drafts.


1. Letter of Recommendation
2. Certificate of Completion of Internship
3. Other incentives based on performance
4. Permanent membership based on performance

How to Apply?

In order to apply, fill in the following Google Form and you will be contacted shortly for a telephonic interview if your application is selected.