India’s Role in the Development of Africa

Author: Vishwajeet Kumar, 1st year student at National law university and Judicial Academy, Assam.

With growing diplomatic footprint in numerous engagements  across sectors and the Indian diaspora, the India-Africa relationship has picked up momentum within the recent times. However, on the economic front, the continent has been deeply suffering from the pandemic attributable to reduced alternate and alternative markets inflicting a supply-and-demand shock. The sunshine of India’s stakes in African continent nations ought to attain intent on African international locations to help them address the Covid-19 destructions.

How can we improve our relation

 1-Social Infrastructure:

India has play a major role during the difficult time of African countries. The India-Africa social infrastructure (schooling, health, skills) cooperation is two-dimensional, complete, and operating within the direction of increasing the African institutional and character capacities.

2-Common Geo-Political interests:

New Delhi and Africa have common pursuits on worldwide problems like world organization reforms, counter-terrorism, peacekeeping, cybersecurity, and energy safety.

 3-Economic Cooperation:

India’s monetary engagement with the continent is incredibly vital within the closing decade and a half, alternate between African nation and continent has accelerated various–bilateral exchange of products.

 4-Support in combat towards Covid-19: The E-ITEC initiative, Asian nation has shared Covid-19 management techniques, education webinars completely to teach care specialists from continent with the help of Indian health specialists.

Way  forward

1- Vaccine international relations:

Keeping into account, the “pharmacy of the globe,” a collaboration may be prioritised to make sure direct participation in Covid-19 comfort and evenhanded immunizing agent get right of entry to efforts followed by approach of a concept for comprehensive strengthening of Africa’s fitness .

2- Economic Convergence: The loose alternate agreement has been negotiated within the continent. It’s a matter of time for it to be dole out and will be a game-changer on this context. Developing a marketplace in continent would offer Indian producers with economies of scale and scope to vie across the globe. It is time to provide generations of employment, facilitate ability, generate transfers, and bridge the prevailing power gap.

3- India turning into Voice of Africa: African nations may also take the lead in initiating and pushing for bigger trilateral efforts via stakeholders like the WHO to try a lot of for African convalescence. India and the African continent need to attempt to expand their multi-faceted partnership by the approach of fighting Covid together which would concentrate on their strengths to deal with worldwide challenges – weather exchange, extremism, counter-terrorism, multinational crimes, and maritime protection.


New Delhi might find that they require to evolve to the growing aspirations of the African continent. New Delhi has an interest in supporting the continent to achieve progress. The essence of “developing jointly as equals” defines this mutual partnership. India and Africa will deliver a powerful momentum to South-South Cooperation, notably in terms of addressing challenges in regions like weather-resilient agriculture, maritime protection, property, and Blue financial set-up.

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