Truth and Youth (TAY) is an open-access and peer-reviewed journal. This is an initiative undertaken by students from the National Law Universities. Founded by Dipendu Das.

“Practice makes the master”

Learning anything won’t be possible without practice and perfection can’t be achieved without striving to practice. With the objective to promote learning values by practising on a real platform maintained by the peers, TAY came into existence.

The purpose of TAY is to provide a stage and platform to the students for showing their research and learning skills. We emphasize more on skill development through legal research, academic writings and various other activities that can make a substantive difference in career ahead.

TAY is an independent student-run body that deals with blogs and infographics in order to make the law decipherable to common people. Apart from the Research Articles, Opinion Based Blogs, Case Commentaries, Legal Frictions, Legal Philosophies and Editorials, we publish annual journals which provide the platform for the erudite of different varsities.

In the present globalized scenario, it is necessary for people belonging to other subjects to understand the importance, impact, and the image of law as it can affect the public at large when taken as a whole and group of individuals when viewed in parts. The main objective of providing a channel for expressing the views of persons in the field of law. We welcome professional researchers, lawyers, scholars and students from various fields. In addition, the knowledge of the law is an issue of shifting interest to a general skill level. The singularity of the journal is that, it operates without any theme, so as to provide a reasonable opportunity to those who are interested in the field to express their views accordingly.

All the articles submitted to the Journal are suitably reviewed by the Review Committee and the honorary Editorial Board. Prospective authors can submit their manuscripts for the Rolling Submissions at :